With the help of the Nepali Childrens Trust (www.nepalichildrenstrust.com) land has been bought just outside Kathmandu and we have now started a new purpose built home for the disabled children.

The photos above show the building progress in July 2009. It is hoped that the building will be finished in December and that DNC can move in at the beginning of the school year in March 2010.

At present, 30% of our income is used in paying rent. Having our own building will release funds for better care and enable us to help more children.


Building Project

Although we have funding for the building project from NCT in the UK, we are looking for local support to equip the building.

We hope the new building will provide a model for similar institutions in Nepal and become a centre from which we will be able to give medical treatment and then support children in their own communities.


Various options and package are available for your kind support.
For further information Call: 4470388
Or you can send you support directly to:

Sunrise Bank Ltd.
Gairidhari Main Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal
Account Name: D.N.C NEPAL
A/c Type: Super Savings
A/c NO:00200309SS
Swift Code: SRBLNPKA


The site is located in Daachi VCD, Gokarna approximately 8 Km from Gausala. It is situated close to Gokarna Golf Course on route to Sankhu. The building desing has been created by Santosh Pradhan & Associates and the contract has been awarded to AM Constructin Co.Pvt.Ltd. The details of the project are as follows:

a. Total Land Area: 2-2-0 Ropanies
b. Total Floor: 15000 sq. ft.
c. Total Project costs: Rs.32 Million (As per 2008/May estimates)
d. Project period: 24 months (in two phases).



Welcome to the website of the Disabled Newlife Centre, Nepali Charity in Kathmandu, working with physically challenged children (DNC) was established in 1998 with the purpose of providing support to the physically challenged children in Nepal. The objective is to give these children who requried special attention in the growing years with the required care, medication in the form of corrective surgery and support in the form of education and accomodation.

DNC has 11 board members and 1 Non Residential staff and 4 Residential staff to care for 30 residence children who are either orphans or who’s family are unable to care for them. The centre has also given medical help to a futher 65 children.

Traditionally in Nepal, disability is considered a curse of God and there is widespread belief that disability is linked to “bad karma”. Few believe that disabled people can be equally functional and can become productive members of society. As a result, children with disabilities often have low esteem. And may suffer discrimination.

Our mission is to help physically disabled children to be integrated into society by providing medical treatment, rehablitation, education and vocational training.

We hope this website will give you the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the welfare of our children. You can help by supporting an individual child; donating to improve conditions at the centre or by bringing your skills and passion to the most needy by volunteering.