Welcome to the website of the Disabled Newlife Centre (DNC), Nepali Charity in Kathmandu, working with physically challenged children (DNC), it was established in 1998 with the purpose of providing support to the physically challenged children in Nepal. It is non-profit making, non-political and non-governmental organization in Nepal. The objective is to give these children who required special attention in the growing years with the required care, medication in the form of corrective surgery and support in the form of education and accommodation.

DNC has 11 board members and 3 Non-Residential staff and 6 Residential staff to care for 40 residence children who are came from very remote place of Nepal and whose family is very poor and unable to take care for them. The DNC is also given first priority to those types’ children. The center has been giving medical services helping to more than 200 children.

Traditionally in Nepal, disability is considered a curse of God and there is widespread belief that disability is linked to “bad karma” and low disability awareness capacity. Few believe that disabled people can be equally functional and can become productive members of society. As a result, children with disabilities often have low esteem. And may suffer discrimination.

Our mission is to help physically disabled children to be integrated into society by providing medical treatment, rehabilitation, education and vocational training.

We hope this website will give you the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the welfare of our children. You can help by supporting an individual child; donating to improve conditions at the center or by bringing your skills and passion to the most needy by volunteering.