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Nutrition Program:

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Education Program:


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Vocational Training:



– Which vocational training are currently given by DNC?


We would like to share you that DNC has been conducting different skills vocational training to children for their sustainable and gain some skillful knowledge in DNC.

The vocational training has been conducted;

 1. General painting (for house/furniture):  (2 months course):

Two months professional courses for simple house room and furniture painting skills gain. The DNC children are feeling to gain new skills for their sustainable. This is new knowledge gain for some children. This vocational training are supported by NCT/UK (Fran).

 For kind information: among the 40 children, we attended only 10 children who are able to make or general painting as per design courses. We need budget for next group.

 2. Hair cutting and beautician (two months course):

Two months professional courses on hair cutting and beautician to use DNC purposes and gain some new skills. We need hair cutting skills for DNC children monthly hair cutting and beauty. This training has been reducing our hair cutting cost as usual.

 For kind information: among the 40 children, we attended only 8 children who are able to involve in hair cutting as per design courses. We need budget for next group

We are planning to conduct as following vocational training:

3. Cooking training: (2 months course):

Two months basic cooking training on how to cook some popular Nepali food and snacks. By the end of the training, the trainees should be able to cook and serve Tea, Coffee, Basic Nepali Dal Bhaat, momo and noodles. They will also learn about how to make the food look nice and appetizing. This is most of basic knowledge for DNC children and we need also extra budget for all children involve this training as continue conducting.

 4. Sewing and Tailoring (2 months course)

Two months professional course on sewing and tailoring. By the end of the course, the trainees should be able to use sewing machines and various accessories, repair and alter clothes, cut fabric according to designs, sew new clothes and add accessories to the clothes. The limitations will be that the training will provide the trainees only few very basic designs and limited information on designing clothes.

–          Medical Assistance: Does DNC have its own hospital/clinic in house? Do they provide financial assistance for operations? Do they provide wheel chair, prosthesis?


DNC have not hospital/any clinic in self house. We are checking up our children to HRDC, Banepa as regular. We received financial assistance every year from TRIFC/USA (Rob). There are not providing wheel chair and prosthesis from hospital in free cost. But some amount we have been receiving for prosthesis from Michael McGowan fund.

–          Do they send the children also to ‘normal schools’ with supervision or is all education given in house?


DNC has not school in side of house.  We have been sending to 40 children in four schools. The school’s name is as following;

  1.  Kanti Bhairav High School (Government): we are sending 21 children to that school, who came from remote district and able to study in there.
  2. Special Education Rehabilitation Center (SERC) Private: we are sending 6 children to that school for especial treatment
  3. Manakamana English Boarding High School (Private):  we are sending 13 children to that school for able to study in there.
  4. Eat Pole English Boarding High School (Private): we are sending 1 child to that school 

–          Can children follow a higher education?


DNC has not launched this activity as self, but NCT and TRIFC sponsor, they are getting higher education after S.L.C (10 classes) in different colleges with different skills. Those program are launching by sponsorship.


Bristol Rotary Club Team Visit to DNC on 1st of November 2014:

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Building Opening Ceremony: