Staff Team

DNC Staff are dedicate, honesty and hard-worker to provide quality services to 40 physically challenged children in the center. All staff have their separate job description (JD) and special roles and responsibilities to operate day-by-day their services and to dedicate their duties. DNC has been providing quality services to 40 children in hostel. It is proud on their staff team.  DNC well known, staffs that assist their superior in carrying out an assigned task, it is most important for physically challenged children. DNC is always time take care to their staff.

A)  Full Time Staff Team:

       Day Time: 10: 00 AM to 5:00 PM

  1. Bhagawat Shree Neupane, Office In-charge
  2. Deepika Sharma, Accountant
  3. Gita Sapkota, House Keeper

       Hostel Time: Full Day and Night

  1. Shanti Upreti, Hostel Manager
  2. Mani Maya Bhujel, Cook
  3. Kabitri Tharu, Assistant for Clothes Washing
  4. Man Bahadur Tamang, Assistant for Children Take Care
  5. Ram Bahadur Tamang, Security Guard
  6. Bishnu Ghimire, Assistant for Children coaching

B)  Part Time Staff Team:

  1. Satish Kumar Shah, Physiotherapist
  2. Neelam Lama, Speech Therapist
  3. Amrit Ghandhari, Music Therapist
  4. Kshitiz Muktan, Science Tutor
  5. Madhav regmi, Math Tutor

Staff Regular Monthly Meeting: 

Staff regular meeting is important for solving the day by day administration issues and plan for future. So, it is giving us help. Staff regular monthly meeting is conducted on Monday. This is team building to support each other and familiar each other, so it is most important for us. Staff are very busy to discuss and share each other on meeting.